Not only do I use oils for their health benefits, I use them in my magick. Using ritual oils sounds cliché, however each person makes their own blend special since they channel their own energy and use special ingredients that best feeds their spirit. Each herb and oil has their own special spiritual properties and adds personality to the oil. Also remember that intention/anointing oils are used in many different cultures, religions and spiritual practices. They will vary in smell, energy and potency.


I use oils during rituals, setting intention, candle magick and as anointing oils. I have grown to appreciate them on a metaphysical and spiritual level and have been using them for years. Here’s how I use my oils.


I will anoint certain parts of my body with certain oils in order to manifest and radiate energy. I will use my oils from 2x’s a day to 3x’s every other day. I tend to use certain oils more than others depending on what I’m working on. I’ll even anoint objects that are sacred to me to keep the energy flowing.



Most of my rituals call for me being submerged under water. Adding a few drops to my bath makes the experience extremely special, fragrant and adds that extra touch of energy I need. 



I have had AMAZING success when using my Divination Ritual Oil. Rubbing the oil over my hands and the pineal works best for me. Although I can do readings without it, it amplifies the energy while certain smells trigger my senses and helps me call forth divine love, energy and clarity.


HOW TO USE WITH CANDLES: With an oil of your choosing, anoint the candle from the base to the tip of the wick (towards you) 3x’s. You can chant affirmations during this time to call forth energy. Visit the Candle Magick page for more details on candle magick.

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