One of the most important things one can do in magick and divinatory work is PROTECT THEMSELVES and their sacred space. Below are tools, herbs and prayers that have worked for me TIME AND TIME AGAIN.

There are also other tools that can be used that are not pictured here. I'll add photos of those later on.

Please understand that these are tools I use in my own practice. Items may vary according to the practitioner. What fuels the magick is your will.




The PURGE & BANISH ritual oil and candle were created and charged to purge low vibrational energies. They can also be used to block malevolent frequencies from the sacred space and from penetrating the auric field. These items are used in conjunct to create a powerful banishing ritual!


There are SO many different ways to use Florida water. Water connects us to the spiritual realm and can be used to cleanse the home and your energy. Florida water can be used in spiritual baths, mixed with herbs and oils to draw in protection and can even be used in divination.

I use Florida water when working with my guides & ancestors, cleansing my witchy tools, cleansing my altar during divination and of course for spiritual protection. 

Add a splash of this water to your mop water along with 3 drops of dragon's blood essential oil, and a steeped herbal blend of burdock root, cinnamon, papaya leaf, jasmine flowers and roses. You can add or take away items to this recipe to match your vibes. This is a VERY BASIC recipe. I will not give my full recipe away.

Add Florida water in a glass bottle with a pray top and spray around you and on your clothes. You can say a prayer as you spray and even after. You can recite this prayer:

"To my ancestors angels spirit guides and all beings of light I thank you all for your benevolent protection. Thank you for consistently keeping me and my family safe. I welcome beings of light who want nothing but my highest best into my life and my sacred space as I [insert desired goal and or action here]. I COMMAND THAT ALL MALEVOLENT AND LOW VIBRATIONAL ENERGIES DEPART FROM ME, MY FAMILY AND THESE SACRED GROUNDS. YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. ASÉ"




The SWEET LOVE & PROTECTION FIXED CANDLE was hand crafted and charged to call in white light energy into a sacred space. This energy is lighter as opposed to the deep energy protection black candle. The SPIRITUAL PROTECTION oil is used to anoint the self and objects in order to draw in protection from your spirit team. The star in the show is DRAGON'S BLOOD as she is extremely versatile and works well for drawing in protection.




Having a relationship with your ancestors ensures that you have a direct link to not only cosmic knowledge and wisdom, but spiritual protection as well. Our ancestors are everywhere and in everything thing. Every tree, every stone and body of water holds the energies of our ancestors. They are above the "material" realm and work on our behalf in the unseen to ensure our spiritual safety. Your guides and ancestors are always willing to assist, but they will never intervene without our permission or permission from the divine. Welcome them into your sacred space while working your magick. Welcome them into your life every day (if you so choose) with a simple prayer. You can set up an ancestor altar to give them offerings and show them reverence. They are there and they are listening.