"Reclaim your divinity through poetry and prose."

The poetry book is currently being edited and does not have a release date. Please stay in the knowing by visiting this page and by following @magickofeden on instagram.

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Kasandra Turner of:


Witch, Spiritualist, Writer and Poet

The art of poetry and writing is my inspiration and is the portal in which I travel through to discover the depth of worlds within my psyche. I have discovered my truth, validated my afflictions and have even overcome traumas.


The intention behind my writing is to express my thoughts and past to ensure an intense and authentic connection between me and soul tribe. The purpose of my poetry is to reveal the intuitive journey of becoming whole and reclaiming divinity through an eloquent sequence of alliteration and imagery.

The tone of my poetry is intense, raw and unfiltered in order to trigger the depth of your emotions and spark your intuition. In the poetry book "Eden", I begin with an intense expression of unfiltered emotions and childhood traumas that crescendos to a transformative, regenerative and healing ending. Only, there is no ending to my poetry. It is perpetual.


It is through my writing that I am able to express my rigorous journey of healing, intuitive journey with magick, and connect to the collective and the Divine. 

Poems from the upcoming poem book: Eden

"I casted spells to purge my burdens.

Thoughts of them sliced through my chest

and fled through my window.

Their chains cackled behind them.

It’s only the beginning.


-Dragon’s Blood"


"The universe 

with it’s all knowing heart,

will pour gold into souls

that shine with gratitude

Those bouncing, beaming, cosmic lights

scattered so flawlessly,

reveal the true beauty 

we prize and possess

If only we would quiet our ego’s mind


would we discover 

the universe within us."

Midnight Prayers


Take me as I am

bruised, torn and withered

I lay my detriment on the altar

of your grace

Divine, I thank you 

for your trickles of tender kisses

in those screeching, seconds, and minutes

of the ripping pain


You cracked me open

wide like the split sea

revealing what needed to be poured

within me

Thank you for the miracle

of life after death

Thank you for the strength

for another breath.

Oppression Maybe?


On the day where the sun slapped me awake

I sat up feeling empty

Like stomachache empty 

nauseous with the fate

of meeting a reflection’s gaze 

of unsatisfactory skin

painted with the beatings of them

I must have been ten when I shrugged to the

room designed to lay away your waste

and wash away your sins 

Only my sins swam secretly 

from my crown to my toes

who left stains for prints 

on that screaming cold floor

I opened the door and that wind shoved me in

A coward I was to soap my hands 

and hide from that reflection

who exposes the fears 

in my dilated pupils

Things just seemed much better looking down 

at the dirt escaping from my fingertips 

and prints as it rushes 

through the pipes leading to a land of vast waste

I envy that dirt 

for at least it belongs somewhere

It has its place, 

yet I belong nowhere 

except between four walls dancing 

with my knowing that I deserve

the opposite of gold’s value and worth

The Way Back


I’ll build a bridge from the bones of me

I’ll lay them across the sea,

in hopes that you’ll see

the way back to you.


I’ll stretch my spine along a waterfall

Toes to the sky, head below,

in hopes that you’ll know

a safe way to you.


I’ll shiver and shatter my essence for us

My pieces starring the skies

in hopes that you’ll find,

the way back to you.


When your fingertips fade far into the shore

and your knees dance with the trees,

my eyes will sing in glee

because you have found

the way back to you.