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Shipping & Returns

I set the intention that you receive your high quality ritual items in perfect, divine timing. ASÉ!


I take great pride, care and respect for each and every order placed with MAGICK OF EDEN. The creation process is extremely sacred and I will diligently work on your requests in the order that I receive them.

I currently ship through USPS since it is most convenient and easily assessable for me. Please understand that I am a home based small business and that it could take between 1-4 weeks to ship out your order. For custom orders, it could take up to an additional 2-3 weeks depending on the demand. Please keep in mind that my ritual items cause for me to do actual rituals. I bless each item used before, after and put my energy and focus on each and every item. Because I am the ONLY one who works on each ritual and product in the sacred garden, shipping times may take longer than what most people are used to.


All items are blessed and charged with intention, so it is imperative that you read the product description prior to purchasing the item. Only when an order is not done correctly will I accept returns. I will hold myself accountable for any mistakes that I have made and will work aggressively to ensure you are safe and satisfied. You deserve nothing but quality ritual items.

My goal is to serve you and I will do everything in my power and within reason to ensure your satisfaction.

For any questions and concerns regarding your order please email and include your order number. I look forward to serving you!

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