Six of Swords Anointing & Ritual Oil

Six of Swords Anointing & Ritual Oil

"Divine, show me love as I transition to the next stage of my life. I know that you are building a bridge to carry me to my destiny. I know that I am called to surrender to your divine will because you know with your loving vibrations that I deserve to thrive. I am being deconstructed to be reconstructed. Trust rests within my being because without fail, you have shown me time and time again that despite what my ego feels, my soul is Divine.  I call in love, peace and protection during this turbulent moment. I know that this is Divine intervention and trust that you will lead me back to me. To you. To us. Asé."


This oil is to be used with the intention to call in love, peace and protection as you transition to the next stage in your life. This oil is perfect for anyone who has gone through a traumatic experience(s) and is having a hard time coping. Using this conjure oil is perfect throughout this process. May your soul breathe well.


You are loved.