Self Love Ritual Oil
  • Self Love Ritual Oil

    This blend is perfect for those who struggle to love themselves as much as they love others. I created this blend when I was going through horrible self-esteem and needed extra guidance. Each ingredient has aided me in self-discovery, and I have had countless epiphanies when using this oil during candle magick, ritual baths and everyday anointing. Rose aids in attracting all kinds of love while jasmine provides her spiritual love. Lavender gives us his peace of mind and the sweet scent of jasmine essential reminds us of our spiritual essence.


    When using this oil you will be placed in situations that reveal your deepest insecurities and will find yourself in introspection. From my experience, using this oil has helped me transform the way I view myself for the better. This oil is potent as it will aid you in being more receiving, understanding and compassionate towards yourself.


    Add this to your hair, deep conditioner, hot oil treatment and homemade body products for every day self-love magick.


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