Goddess Love Self Care Bundle

Goddess Love Self Care Bundle

This kit is perfect for those looking for a self love ritual. This kit comes with the Inner Goddes Anointing & Ritual Oil, the Goddess Love Lunar Bath Soak, Goddess Energy Magick Butter, Palo Santo and a small sage bundle. Each item is sacredly blended with natural essences to allow the user to manifest Divine Femine energy.


I recommend performing your Goddess Energy/Self Love ritual on the night of a full moon and or on a Friday night. Remember to use your lovely bath soak after you've showered. You may also add a few drops of your oil to your bath water as well and anoint yourself after your bath.


Quick tip: Cleanse your sacred space and clear it of all energy. Follow up with calling in protection before you shower. Remember to visualize yourself washing away the day's energy as you are showering. Focus and visualize Goddess energy flowing in the water as you're running your bath. Speak loving affirmations to your water as you add your bath salts.


You can also swap out the Inner Goddess oil for the Self Love Oil. Just be sure to add it to the details section below.


*Bath Soaks are approximately 8 oz*