This oil is PACKED with nutrients from cold pressed and all natural oils.


Argon, grapeseed and olive oil help to relieve dry scalp and help to moisturize the hair. Jojoba oil is the oil closest to our sebum, which helps to keep hair and scap from becoming dry. Castor oil promotes hair growth, thickens hair and helps to prevent breakage especially when used around the edges! Vitamin E acts as a natural preservative and even adds extra nutrients to the hair. And of course because I am GREEDY when it comes to nutrients, I've even added Sweet Almond for extra shine & luster and apricot to help soften the hair.


Organic Geranium, tea tree and rosemary have been used in hair care treatments by our ancestors for centuries! Tea tree helps to prevent bacteria buildup while all three help to stimulate the scalp resulting in hair growth.


Use this oil as a sealant over your hair lotion and or conditioner to help retain length.


How to use:


Add a few drops to your fingertips and thoroughly massage the oil into the scalp.

If using on fine or thin hair, it is recommened to wash the oil out if it falls along the length of the hair. This helps this hair type from becoming weighed down and oily.


When using as a hot oil treatment:


Dampen the hair with warm water to open follicles (hair should not be dripping wet). Apply the oil along the length of the hair and cover with a plastic cap. Leave in for about 30 minutes or as desired. Wash and condition hair as usual.


Tip: sit under a hooded dryer for deeper absorption.


***This is a hand crafted product. The oil does NOT contain nuts, pesticides, animal products, silicones, parabens and other harmful checmicals. All base oils are natural and cold pressed. Essential oils are organic. Please test a small patch before using all over skin or hair.***