Inner Goddess Oil
  • Inner Goddess Oil

    This beauty oil is one of my personal favorites! It was created to harness my inner Goddess & Divine Feminine Power. I am excited to share this oil as it is very grounding and has a lovely rose scent! 


    When using this oil I have been placed in situations to honor my inner Queen and have had several epiphanies of the importance of submitting to my own grace. I now move as a goddess and embody feminine power. I know this will be the same for you!


    Rose, ruled by venus sends her love. Papaya leaf is amazing as she works well and willingly with Goddess Energy. Rose and along with other essential oils add fragrance and personality to this blend.


    You can use this oil during candle magick, for offerings and even as an anointing oil. Use this in your deep conditioner and beauty regimen to keep this energy with you at all times.

    A little will stretch (for all oils).

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