Updated: Jun 4

-An Introduction to the Poetry Book, Eden by KaSandra L. Turner, the Witch and Spiritualist of MAGICK OF EDEN

It has been quite a journey with the project that I have diligently worked on. For those of you who don't know, I have worked tirelessly on my newly published poetry book, Eden. Ahhh!! The process. The tears. The breakthroughs. The awakenings have all been extremely exhilarating and exposing. I have to be honest and say that vulnerability and accepting my emotions was the hardest part of my journey. Coming out to the world and exposing parts of my past in order to help souls like me reclaim their power is the greatest blessing I could have ever received. Having said that, I'd like to share a couple of poems with you. I hope that by reading these poems you are intrigued and called to dive within your depths through poetry as I have.


KaSandra is an American writer and poet whose mission is to seek truth and self-actualization through healing and integration. She is well known and respected for her ability to merge the arts of poetry and magick to help rejuvenate the hidden and rejected aspects of herself. She actively serves her community through providing tarot and oracle readings and provides guided messages for those she resonates with. "The art of poetry and writing is my inspiration and is the portal in which I travel through to discover the depth of worlds within my psyche. I have discovered my truth, validated my afflictions and have even overcome traumas. Poetry merged with magick has revealed the truest and most authentic parts of my being and is what I use to connect with others and the Divine." -KaSandra The intention behind KaSandra's writing is to reveal her gifts and talents to create a world of self-love. The purpose of her poetry is to reveal the intuitive journey of becoming whole and reclaiming divinity through magick and self-expression. She hopes that through her vulnerability she is able to spark a sense of purpose in the lives of others.


Oppression Maybe?

On the day where the sun

slapped me awake

I sat up feeling empty

like stomachache empty

nauseous with the fate

of meeting a reflection’s gaze

of unsatisfactory skin

painted with the beatings of them

I must have been ten

when I shrugged to the room

designed to lay away your waste

and wash away your sins

Only my sins swam secretly

from my crown to my toes

who left stains for prints

on that screaming cold floor

I opened the door

and that wind shoved me in

A coward I was

to soap my hands and hide

who exposes the fears

in my dilated pupils

things just seemed

much better looking down

at the dirt escaping

from my fingertips and prints

as it rushes through the pipes

leading to a land of vast waste

I envy that dirt

It belongs somewhere

It has its place

and I belong nowhere

except between four walls dancing

with my knowing that I deserve

the opposite of gold’s value and worth.

Nightmare of a Dream

I avoid my reflection in the river

as waterfalls rage down my cheeks

The poems of my tongue are bitter

when it’s my eyes I meet

Disgust fills the pits of their guts

when their eyes lay upon my skin

The erosion of my sin is a must

How dare I find the peace within?

The thorns of my roses slice deep

in the flesh of those who pluck

My roots wither and weep

melting memories into muck

Sprouting through cracks of concrete

seems to be what’s left for me

in this mysterious land of thought

A nightmare of a dream.

Dark Skin

There’s a sort of funny giggling

from pretty gals pacing in midnight