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Updated: Sep 6, 2020

A daily reminder for those who forget their power 💗.

Remember that there are things outside of your control for a specific reason.

Whenever you feel like things are not in accordance with your vision, remember to use that time to reassess what is in place and call forth what you wish to receive.

Remember that The divine will prioritize your transformation despite what you feel makes you uncomfortable. ✨

Be open to the changes and lessons. Remember to use your opportunities wisely. Flow with the universe’s cycles & rhythms. Flow with its patterns and use its energy to fuel what you wish to co-create.

I’m seeing waves at sea rising and crashing into itself. You’re on a boat bracing for dear life and are struck by the brilliance and rage of these waters. A sense of fear rushes and pulls at my skin. This is you, afraid of the might and will of these waters. Afraid to meet your demise.

No matter how terrifying it may be to face the things that you have neglected, remember that during this time it is imperative that you FLOW or you will drown, loves.

This sea is not angry. It is trying to catch your attention so that you’ll prepare yourself for the amazement you’ll dwell in when you reach the shore. The shore of your own love, affection and embrace.

You are worthy of protection and the more you trust yourself and remember that freedom is your BIRTHRIGHT, the better you will thrive.

You are loved.

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