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"I Owe It All to Me"

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

A poem written and copyrighted by Kasandra Turner.

"That mid of night drowned me in waving thoughts

and scars that left me itching to my notions

Like stockings seducing prickly legs hoping

for a scratching rub that dissolves what haunts them most

Drifting and floating in a stream of Epsom salts,

spring water, lavender and jasmine flowers revealed my faults

My own raveling must have come from a fountain cemented

with clay on a day where the winds left it dented

I have searched with aching arms for a passion

that seeps through every wrinkle of my skin

I took a leap of unorthodox faith and found within

what I have yearned for in the eyes of wounded sheep

That night where the stars stared through my window

I was led to the window of my soul,

leveled with chocolate pupils that glow

and hold scars scouring and screaming for recognition

Justice tilted her head encouraging a vision

of a future that promised me wings of glitter and gold

Those wintered summers ring louder than the calling

of a wounded fowl and growl of a city falling

I crawled to the holy one who hears my pleas

to be released of those burning blades of my memories

Justice cloaked in green and pink carried me to my thrown

where I had seen that my tears were caused by the damage of my own

beliefs of who I should have been to those women and men

Justice sat in the pits of my heart and burned when time was up

My detriments, afflictions, traumas and torments were cut

Sliced because she knew with her logic that I am worthy of love

Justice is me."

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