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My First Breakthrough

"How miserable I was to seek self-awareness through sewn eyes. How foolish of me to pace my journey on another’s feet. Why did I choose to dwell in an Eden other than the one most sacred to me?

I have shattered into infinite pieces just to find my way back to peace. I failed to realize my power, my potential and searched for my star in the light of others. How undoubtedly desperate and dim my beam chose to be.

I trained myself to seek symbols that validated my lack of self-acceptance. I trained myself to submit to the whips of blind beasts who reek of belligerent feasts. I chose to be guided by entities with eyes like me.

It was at that moment of my final plea when my heart stormed screams and prayed for signs. Signs that validated my afflictions conceived in the womb of my insecurities. When my eyes met gaze with strength, coins and that Virgo moon I discovered the power of wholeness. I discovered the most complex yet simple truth that clenched the pits of my soul: there is strength in letting go. You ARE good enough. Surrender to your compassion.

I refuse to allow another energy to claw and infect my spirit with toxic nails again. I am a pulsing torch whose flame orgasms with precise intention. I will flame and fly across the cosmos beside that shooting star on a twinkling summer night. I AM that shooting star… and we are mirrored dreams."

Eden family, If there is one thing I learned the hard way, it's that the love you declare for yourself will determine your perception of you. We are made with divine love. Each time we submit to the negative opinions of others we become bound by our own limitations. The universe, with its all knowing heart created you for a specific reason. You decided to incarnate on this planet for a specific reason. Without you, this world would stand still. Treat yourself with reverence. Love the depths of you that no one dares or cares to understand. Tell yourself that you are worthy of love and not look past your inner peace to seek validation from others. We long to be loved by others, but when will we realize that only when we love ourselves can we teach people how to love us properly? Why love others more than you? To love thyself is to love others. Become yourself by basking in your light, star beams. You are worthy of your own love 💗.

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