High Vibrational Ritual Items...

"Eden is a womb space that welcomes exiled souls who ache for recovery. It is a garden prized and ready for those who seek true enlightenment and knowledge of the self. Dwelling in this space is for those who choose to be led through the shadows by their own divine love and supreme intelligence. Truly, it is a representation of your intuitive knowing of who you are and what you need in order to unfold, reclaim your divinity and evolve. Although I am not defining Eden as a physical place, it absolutely can be. It can be any place that you declare as sacred. It can be an actual garden, an altar, and anywhere that you can be physically, spiritually and mentally nourished. It can be anywhere you are free to be vulnerable and comfortable in your most authentic light."

-A Note from Eden

KaSandra believes in a high vibrational and cruelty free magickal experience. Therefore, every item being used on the body is natural, organic and is not tested on animals. All bath soaks are hand crafted using organic ingredients. She has done extensive research on the ingredients and refuses to use anything that will potentially harm herself or others.

​"Certain items in the store will be sold year round, however some will only be sold during certain seasons as I work with our earth mother. This helps protect and honor her and is also vital in my own magick."

Herbs and flowers are from trusted suppliers and farmers who also work with the earth. Sustainability is vital and here at magick of eden, everything you use will be ethically sourced from our earth mother. Everything is grown naturally and organically; all oils are safe for skin, hair and magick!

"I work my magick and rituals when blending your items, and will not use anything that will spiritually harm you. This includes custom creations."

Bath soaks are hand crafted using organic salts, herbs and essential oils.


I do not use animal based products in my rituals and items. Please understand that the magick & intention is still just as potent and pure. Why? Because we are the fires that ignite our rituals!



MAGICK OF EDEN provides services that are meant to serve you and help you reach your highest potential. Readings will forever be in your favor and will NEVER be used against you.