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"To the waters that nourish me

To the suns that kiss my petals

To those who help me grow"

Dear Eden Family,


     My heart sings as I write this letter. Your support and loyalty have carried me beyond the horizons of stars decorating the heavens. I appreciate your openness and vulnerability. I take great pride and am deeply moved by the investment of your trust in me. We are working through our fears and the deeper we journey through MAGICK OF EDEN, the more we discover our strength and power.


     My scars and afflictions have led me to this moment and my only regret is that I failed to do this sooner. Nonetheless, I am elated to have you all as a part of my soul tribe, even if there are only a few of you. Sharing my magick with you is an every day ritual! Thank you, loves for pacing with me on this journey. It is because of your love and magick that this is possible. You are loved and appreciated. ASÉ!



"Loving everything

So deeply, so intensely

Will help heal the world"


               -KaSandra T.

You Chose Love

You allowed your heart to soften

like cotton candied clouds

on a sunny day

despite the ball of nails

they threw at you

It amazes me

how graceful and fearless you are

How your determination

rests proudly on your shoulders

like a towel on a heavyweight

I am thrilled to know

that you found it in your best interest

to pick up your pieces

and theirs too

You remembered your power

and avoided the bittersweet taste of revenge

like a poisoned plague

I am a proud observer

of the way you have moved

to let yourself love and be loved

You had nothing to prove yet, you proved

that the frequency of love cannot only be felt,

but seen.

Let Us Return Home

There is so much beauty

infinitely expressed through unlimited fractals

that construct our universe

They all dance uniquely

birthing the heavens and earth

Each moment of our lives

is but one of these fractals

that merge and blend into one another

forming a web that reveals our stories

Our lives weave into another’s

creating this dream world

of space and time

I suppose that if we follow our vibes intuitively

and give reverence to others

we’d finally evolve and all return home

Although I won’t see this in my lifetime,

I’ll plant these seeds in my children

in hopes that they’ll trickle down

into the deepest parts of their minds

I’ll spread my message

in hopes that it will be carried

and held in the hearts of the world

so that we’ll all evolve together

and return home.

"Each profound moment of joy, fulfillment and satisfaction are infinite clusters and counting.
Live a life of freedom, for the universe does not create with limitation. We are the universe pacing on the feet of creation. Our shattering is the perfect act of peace and destruction. We are being led to the wings of infinity…"


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