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Magick of Eden's 
Divine Line

The Divine Line was conjured during one of the most important healing times in KaSandra's life. She became a widow on January 22, 2022 and seven days later was deemed an elder at the age of 28. Since then, she has worked extremely closely (as always) with her guides, ancestors and ascended master to ensure she obtained the healing she needs. These items, like all the items on the website, are high vibrational and extremely potent with ancestral, angelic and Divine energy. KaSandra blesses each herb, oil, essential oil and tool used to create these magickal goodies.

Each item of the Divine Line is created on a specific day and or on the night of a full moon, is blessed and sits to charge for an additional 3-7 days. The base oils are infused with herbs that have sat and marinated in the oil for 6-8 weeks, and or when the energy is at its most potent. This ensures that the ritual oils effortlessly work their magick in conjunction with yours.

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