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Ignite your intentions with the passion of fire!

Candle magick is one of my favorite forms of fire magick. It is one of the most effective ways for me to work with the fire element! Fire magick has given me proven results that manifest in perfect timing. The heat gets things going and the flame allows me to scry and receive prophetic messages regarding my intention. Here’s how I work my magick.



Working with prayer candles:

Choose a candle that is the color pertaining to your desires. This can also be a fixed candle. Use the ritual oil of your choosing and anoint the rim of the glass clockwise (towards you) 3x’s while focusing on your desire. You may or may not anoint the wick (from base to tip 3x’s towards you). The outcome is usually the same.

Place the candle in a fire safe place and away from children and pets. Snuff the candle out with a charged, sacred object each night and light the candle at the same time the next day and so on for seven days (or however many days resonates with you). 


Quick tip: you can dress (decorate) the candle however you’d like that best fits your personality and desired goal. Just in case, place the candle in a bowl of cool water to prevent the candle from overheating and breaking from the fire & energy. Remember to keep all windows closed and fans off to read the candle flame.

Things to remember: when working your magick it is the essential law to believe and know that your desire will manifest. Understand that in order for the magick to work you have to feel the outcome with every fiber of your being. Feel it on a cellular level. Working my magick this way has always given me mind blowing results. Whenever I set my intention and work my magick, I always aim to manifest what will serve me in the long run. As a true witch and mystic, I inner stand that what does not manifest is a sign that a blockage needs to be removed. If your intention fails be sure to check your own energy and reevaluate what you are asking for. Your spirit knows what is truly meant for you.

When working with spell candles:

Anoint from the base to the tip of the wick 3x’s (towards you) while focusing on your desired goal. Place the candle on your altar or in another fire safe place away from children, pets and other hazardous places. Allow the candle to burn out on its own while keeping watch to prevent any accidents.

Depending on the desired outcome or energy I am manifesting i will choose a candle color and oil that pertains to that energy.


For example: wealth & abundance

I will choose a spell candle that is either gold or medium dark green. I’d prefer gold simply because when dealing with actual money and wealth, actual gold is more valuable than federal reserve notes. It's also perpetual and flows constantly. Green will work simply because green is abundant and essential, however keep in mind that the money will more than likely be for just that moment and won't last as long.


Quick tip: you can carve words and or a sigil that represents your desire along the candle before anointing it.


Something to consider: this is a very generic form of candle magick. Rituals will differ based on the person's beliefs. I will not include every detail of my candle magick rituals because it is sacred to me and considering the fact that the more personable the ritual the more in tune you'll be with your own intuition.

Also keep in mind that these tips and directions are what fuels the fire in my own magick. You can do what works best for you. 

Use candle magick to get to know yourself and channel your intuition. Fire magick is a great way to direct and control your passion in a way that benefits you. I do not perform rituals for my soul group because i'd rather you discover your own potential and what you're capable of.


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