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Book of Ethics

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According to Alister Crowley, magick is defined as, "the art and science of causing change to occur in conformity with the will." Although this is the most popular and trusted definition that many practitioners use, some of us choose to define magick in our own way. It is my deepest belief that magick can be defined as, "using the energies of the universe in conjunction with your will to create change and manifest. It is the will of the creator projected into the universe in order to co-create one's reality in the realm of the "physical." 


We all have a unique path that leads us back to source. Those of us who are eclectic are not bound or limited by choosing to follow one specific path, thus allowing us to create a system that best fits our lifestyle and calling. Because each person and path is unique, I have created a book of ethics that I strictly follow to prevent the projection of my beliefs on anyone that I connect with. It is imperative that trust is the foundation that our interactions are based in order to enhance the experience for everyone.

Although it is more formal and "professional" to refer to those I serve as clients, I do perceive those I serve as a part of my soul family. I hope this oath brings peace and understanding to anyone interested in working with me. As always, thank you for being a part of the Eden Family Soul Tribe.

  1. I will not force my belief in the divine source/universe on you and will not abuse your right of beliefs.

  2. I am here to use my gifts and talents to serve/aid you on your transformational journey.

  3. I will never claim to heal you. I will only lead you to ways that will help you harness your own power so that you can heal yourself.

  4. No products or services provided by me will be used to harm you or prohibit your growth in any form.

  5. All readings are honest, raw, unfiltered and will be used to aid you, never against you.

  6. Tarot and oracle are tools. You have the power to make energies work either for or against you.

  7. All information will be treated with respect, integrity, and confidentiality; i will protect our sacred interactions. 

  8. I will keep all interactions professional and reserve the right to protect my mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional body.

  9. You will not be judged for your circumstances and my personal opinions will be kept out of your readings.

  10. I do not perform rituals against people and other life forms. I will however, help an individual protect themselves to the best of my ability.

  11. I am not responsible for breaking curses/hexes against you and refuse to hex/curse anyone for you.

  12. I am not responsible for your ritual work backfiring. Magick is fueled by the power of the practitioner.

  13. All custom-made oils will be charged to match your intention. The rest is up to you. Whatever is meant for you will manifest in divine timing.

  14. I do not promote or encourage anyone to abuse their intuition by constantly seeking knowledge from readers without channeling their intuition on their own. We are powerfully intuitive beings. Readers are only here to remind us of our infinite wisdom already prized within us.

  15. All information given to you will be based on what your guides/highest self has for you.

  16. I am a daughter of Saturn. You will be pushed to reach your highest potential.

  17. You are honored, loved, and appreciated.

  18. All sales are final.


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