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KaSandra's Mission



KaSandra's divine purpose is to transmute her traumas into treasures to help heal the world. She connects with her soul tribe through poetry, tarot and magick. Kasandra is a poet, witch and mystic who uses her gifts and life experience to help those who are on a journey to reclaim their divinity. She uses her spiritual gifts and wisdom to serve others through magick. Kasandra has struggled with body image, depression and the effects of various forms of abuse. She uses the power of the elements, magick and occult knowledge in order to create change and manifest her divinity. Her life experiences led her to self-care magick and self sufficiency. It is through her love and passion for the collective that she actively serves her soul tribe through prayer and intention.

Hello there! I'm Kassy, the founder and creator of Magick of Eden. Thank you for your interest in knowing more about me. Your curiosity sings to my spirit!

Mental health was something I struggled with since my innocent days. It is through my triumphs that I am eager to work with those who feel obscure and who need an extra push and guidance in their lives. My work is about healing, reclaiming my divinity, and using my knowledge of the wisdoms of the universe to serve the world.

I merge my intuition with tarot and other divination tools to dive into not only my energy, but into my soul tribe's energy as well. I have been actively working on strengthening my intuition since my teenage years. I also have the "gift" of mirroring where I listen to someone speak about any issues they may be having and allow them to reflect while speaking to me. I also ask a series of questions that allow them to tap into their mind and their own energy field. You can consider this a gift or a practical way of helping someone. I call it divine intervention.

I channel messages from ancestors and spirit guides, receive visions from the divine and interpret them to you. I do not see into the future. These visions come in the form of memories and or as metaphors in order to provide you with a specific message.

My intention is to connect my spirit family with their inner Magician, Priestess and inner Star. I now use tools such as the tarot and oracle to trigger their subconscious to reveal situations and energies around them. I am a FIRM BELIEVER that we are the co-creators of our realities and that there is an infinite wisdom buried within our subconscious. I intend to remind you of your divine essence and will assist you in unlocking your cosmic potential. I will use my gifts and talents to aid you in overcoming old habits and subconscious issues that prohibit your spiritual growth. You deserve to live life with no limitations.

I have helped those who wear wounds beneath their skin for 13 years and counting.

No matter the circumstances and hardships I've faced in my personal life, serving others has always been a need, a yearn and a passion for me. Every job I have had in my years has been to help and serve others. I will use my experience for my spiritual family as well.​ I am elated to connect and work with you. It is because of you that my gifts and talents are possible. Together we'll grow, love and transform into our highest selves. Welcome to the Eden Family!



A Sneak Peak at KaSandra's Inspirational Poetry


She is Eden

-Kasandra Turner

She has discovered the soil

that grounds her roots

and nourishes her soul

She has found the garden

watered by her tears

Her waterfalls of fears

stream into this scape of green,

raging then still


With her many flowers

of violet, lavender, jasmine

and many

None is plucked

because she now knows love

since she discovered,

that she is Eden.

Dark Skin


There’s a sort of funny giggling

from pretty gals pacing in midnight

during streetlight hours

Their peach bodies devour the hour

Dark leather feathers

swallow silent skins

that die in daylight

They’d rather howl at night

below a heightened voluminous moon

wearing black and blue

Blue is my baffled heart when

she sees seas of curly haired girls

with good hair and skin of white silk

I sit discouraged when the mirror

reflects towards me

I bleed when I hear them down the street

mocking the worst parts of me


I often dream of wearing matching shirts

and sheets at parties to party

and talk about nails, cats and hats

Instead I’m seen as thrown away toys

to pretty little flowers

lighter than the sun’s gold.

Nightmare of a Dream


I avoid my reflection in the river

as waterfalls rage down my cheeks

The poems of my tongue are bitter

when it’s my eyes I meet

Disgust fills the pits of their guts

when their eyes lay upon my skin

The erosion of my sin is a must

How dare I find the peace within?


The thorns of my roses slice deep

in the flesh of those who pluck

My roots wither and weep

melting memories into muck

Sprouting through cracks of concrete

seems to be what’s left for me

in this mysterious land of thought

A nightmare of a dream.

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