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"Eden: Reclaiming
Your Divinity
through Poetry
and Self-Expression"


KaSandra is an American writer, poet, and witch whose mission is to seek truth and self-actualization through healing and integration. She is well known and respected for her ability to merge the arts of poetry and magick to help rejuvenate the hidden and rejected aspects of herself. 

KaSandra is passionately in love with writing and expressing herself in a world that perceives authenticity and bold expression as bravery rather than a birth right. She intends on offering humanity countless works of art in hopes to aid humanity in unifying to ensure the raising of the collective consciousness. KaSandra believes that through art we can reclaim and reshape the world.

"Artists are divine channels, messengers, and prophets who deliver messages to humanity in creative ways. Furthermore, art is subjective and that's what makes it so powerful and divine. Engaging in creative pursuits encourages a deep dive into shadow work resulting in divine healing because the individual can express what they are afraid of or have trouble with articulating linguistically. Imagine what humanity could do if we all connected through our intuition and creativity. We would reclaim our God status and retrieve the world ran by "elites" who prey on our energy for their greater plan. We would raise our own vibrations and remind each other that there is love where there is vulnerability and connection. Besides, we're all walking each other home anyway. I know, with my soul that we are powerful in unity. I plan to endlessly serve the collective and the Divine through my intuitive gifts and artistic talents."



Masterful Work
of Art

KaSandra published her first book, Eden in April of 2021. The book takes us on a journey of her heartache and her personal experience dealing with trauma as a young girl. This intensely emotional and raw expression and vulnerability has captured the hearts of readers who also struggled with similar experiences.

"The art of poetry and writing is my inspiration and is the portal in which I travel through to discover the depth of worlds within my psyche. I have discovered my truth, validated my afflictions and have even overcome traumas. Poetry merged with magick has revealed the truest and most authentic parts of my being and is what I use to connect with others and the Divine."




KaSandra's poetry reveals intense, raw and unfiltered emotions in order to trigger the depths of her readers' emotions and intuition. In the poetry book, "Eden", KaSandra begins with a melancholic tone that opens a portal leading to her past of obscurity, misplacement, trauma and abuse. The depressing beginning of the book crescendos to a transformative, regenerative and healing ending. Some of the poems reveal an eloquent sequence of alliteration, imagery and thoughts to express never before told memories of KaSandra's past resulting in an intense and authentic connection between her and her soul tribe. "Eden" takes you on a journey through KaSandra's pain, shedding and healing. She reminds her tribe that they are not their traumas and to reclaim their divinity through powerful, fearless and authentic self-expression. Journey with KaSandra by reserving your copy of Eden now.

KaSandra is a practicing Witch who offers intuitive services and spiritual essentials for her readers and clients to work their magick.

Services by KaSandra

KaSandra is the witch, spiritualist, founder and creator of MAGICK OF EDEN. Her intention is to use her intuition in conjunction with her experience with earth magick and occult studies to help her tribe reclaim their divinity through every day self-care magick. She offers readings and spiritual essentials to aid her tribe on their transformational journey.

KaSandra's Mission

KaSandra's divine purpose is to transmute her traumas into treasures to help heal the world. She connects with her soul tribe through poetry, tarot and magick. Kasandra is a poet, witch and mystic who uses her gifts and life experience to help those who are on a journey to reclaim their divinity. She uses her spiritual gifts and wisdom to serve others through magick. Kasandra has struggled with body image, depression and the effects of various forms of abuse. She uses the power of the elements, magick and occult knowledge in order to create change and manifest her divinity. Her life experiences led her to self-care magick and self sufficiency. It is through her love and passion for the collective that she actively serves her soul tribe through prayer and intention.


High Vibrational Spiritual Essentials


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All ritual oils, herbs and essences at MAGICK OF EDEN are natural, organic and vegan. Animals are not used in any of EDEN's magick and ritual practices. We believe that anything you use to anoint your skin should be safe and anything used in your magical workings should be high vibrational. 

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We connect to Source when we connect to ourselves and each other. We are a powerhouse of cosmic energy. This is why we work our magick.


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Hi KaSandra, what do you attribute your success to?

"Selflessness is the bridge that leads us to compassion and unity. Being selfless has taught me a powerful lesson in universal connection and authenticity. My work has sustained and thrives because I actively choose to share my unique sets of gifts, talents and wisdom with others as divine offerings. I actively choose to heal so that I can help my soul family heal themselves and help them tap into their own divinity and authenticity. MAGICK OF EDEN is a safe haven that welcomes anyone whose intentions are to transcend beyond their suffering and traumas and to reclaim their divinity through art, ritual and self-care magick. My undying love for humanity is the driving force that makes sharing my magick with the collective possible...


Facing my own shadow was the most excruciating yet rewarding processes I’ve ever experienced. I learned very quickly that we are all expressions of the universe and that we’re experiencing each other through one another. Our own sets of gifts and talents make us unique and showcase our individuality. Our individuality is our true identity.


-KaSandra in Shoutout LA




Imagine a reality where you were fully tapped into your divinity. What would that look like for you? In a world where we are manipulated into surrendering our power and authenticity there are those of us who actively heal and work our magick to help others step into their highest versions.

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"KaSandra is a genuine loving soul who I am grateful to have connected with. She expresses herself authentically and her book of poetry is a divinely profound collection of relatable musings. If you are someone who has been on a journey of self-discovery, overcoming trauma and learning to love your body and the uniqueness of your soul when the world around you has tried to convince you otherwise I know you will absolutely love KaSandras work as much as I have. I relate so viscerally to the emotions that are conveyed through her creative writings and feel inspired to honor the tradition of the written word that seems to be fading in this modern world.KaSandra has her Mercury in Capricorn conjunct her Sun, Neptune, and Uranus. She has the ability to channel outer planet energy through her mind and Identity and in doing so holds the power to inspire the collective through her creative offerings. Her ritual oils are also divine and powerful. I would highly recommend checking out all she has to offer and show support to this beautiful force of nature in the flesh."


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