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KaSandra is the witch, spiritualist, founder and creator of MAGICK OF EDEN. Her intention is to use her intuition in conjunction with her experience with earth magick and occult studies to help her tribe reclaim their divinity through every day self-care magick. She offers readings and magical goodies to aid her tribe on their transformational journey.



High vibrational ritual items

All ritual oils, herbs and essences at MAGICK OF EDEN are natural, organic and vegan. Animals are not used in any of EDEN's magick and ritual practices. We believe that anything you use to anoint your skin should be safe and anything used in your magical workings should be high vibrational. 



Witch, spiritualist, founder and creator of MAGICK OF EDEN

"To declare thyself as enlightened and whole, one must embrace their shadows."


KaSandra believes that embracing the shadow aspect of the self will aid us on our transformational journeys and is the key to our evolution. Shadow work is an imperative fundamental building block that supports KaSandra's mission to lead her soul tribe back to themselves. She intuitively knows that it is through setting our intention and projecting our wills into the physical universe will we create change and align ourselves with out highest selves. It is through embracing our shadows as we do our light that we will reclaim our divinity and stay in tune with the Divine.


"My intention is to connect my spirit family with their inner Magician, Priestess and inner Star. I now use tools such as the tarot and oracle to trigger their subconscious to reveal situations and energies around them. I am a FIRM BELIEVER that we are the co-creators of our realities and that there is an infinite wisdom buried within our subconscious. I intend to remind you of your divine essence and will assist you in unlocking your cosmic potential. I will use my gifts and talents to aid you in overcoming old habits and subconscious issues that prohibit your spiritual growth. You deserve to live life with no limitations."

"I have helped those who wear wounds beneath their skin for 13 years and counting.

No matter the circumstances and hardships I've faced in my personal life, serving others has always been a need, a yearn and a passion for me. Every job I have had in my years has been to help and serve others. I will use my experience for my spiritual family as well.​ I am elated to connect and work with you. It is because of you that my gifts and talents are possible. Together we'll grow, love and transform into our highest selves. Welcome to the Eden Family!"


KaSandra is an American writer and poet whose mission is to seek truth and self-actualization through healing and integration. She is well known and respected for her ability to merge the arts of poetry and magick to help rejuvenate the hidden and rejected aspects of herself. 

"The art of poetry and writing is my inspiration and is the portal in which I travel through to discover the depth of worlds within my psyche. I have discovered my truth, validated my afflictions and have even overcome traumas. Poetry merged with magick has revealed the truest and most authentic parts of my being and is what I use to connect with others and the Divine." -KaSandra

KaSandra's poetry reveals intense, raw and unfiltered emotions in order to trigger the depths of her readers' emotions and intuition. In the poetry book, "Eden", KaSandra begins with a melancholic tone that opens a portal leading to her past of obscurity, misplacement, trauma and abuse. The depressing beginning of the book crescendos to a transformative, regenerative and healing ending. Some of the poems reveal an eloquent sequence of alliteration, imagery and thoughts to express never before told memories of KaSandra's past resulting in an intense and authentic connection between her and her soul tribe. "Eden" takes you on a journey through KaSandra's pain, shedding and healing. She reminds her tribe that they are not their traumas and to reclaim their divinity through powerful, fearless and authentic self-expression.


"KaSandra is a genuine loving soul who I am grateful to have connected with . She expresses herself authentically and her book of poetry is a divinely profound collection of relatable musings.If you are someone who has been on a journey of self-discovery, overcoming trauma and learning to love your body and the uniqueness of your soul when the world around you has tried to convince you otherwise I know you will absolutely love KaSandras work as much as I have. I relate so viscerally to the emotions that are conveyed through her creative writings and feel inspired to honor the tradition of the written word that seems to be fading in this modern world.KaSandra has her Mercury in Capricorn conjunct her Sun, Neptune, and Uranus. She has the ability to channel outer planet energy through her mind and Identity and in doing so holds the power to inspire the collective through her creative offerings. Her ritual oils are also divine and powerful. I would highly recommend checking out all she has to offer and show support to this beautiful force of nature in the flesh."




For questions, concerns and custom work please email ask@magickofeden.com. KaSandra is always excited to work with and serve you through the Divine.



KaSandra of MAGICK OF EDEN offers divinely guided messages through tarot and oracle readings. She channels messages from guides and sometimes ancestors if they resonate with her energy. Readings are ALWAYS HONEST and confidential. Please be advised.